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East Harlem Dental Plaza
2060 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10035
(212) 996-5996
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Are you ready to get the smile of your dreams? With the best service, friendliest doctors and amazing staff, East Harlem Dental Plaza will make dentists your best friends once and for all.

Currently the practice has 5 offices throughout the boroughs of New York City. Call 212 996-5996 today or schedule your appointment online at link.


Cosmetic Dentistry: Would you like to have the bright, perfect smile that every person deserves to have? Then come to East Harlem Dental Plaza and we will bring your smile back to life with our Cosmetic Dentistry services.

Fillings, Crowns and Bridges: We combine the best practice with the best material and the best service to bring your million dollar smile back and make sure it stays with you forever! With veneers, fillings, crowns and bridges we will make every tooth shine brand new.

Invisalign: Don’t wait any longer to have that straight, gorgeous smile! Invisalign is a state of the art straightening system that is invisible, comfortable and removable.

Implants: Implants? Yes, implants have migrated to the world of dentistry. Implants make it possible to have the perfect smile no matter what. Come in today and get started!

Teeth Whitening with (name of program or product): Your smile is one of the first things people notice when you meet someone new. Give yourself an opportunity to make the right first impression with our state of the art teeth whitening procedures!

Root Canals: Do not be afraid of root canals anymore! Come into East Harlem Dental Plaza, where our professional staff will make sure that your root canals are done fast and pain free!