Your Dentist Clinics Got the Prescription for A Younger You

These days the market is overrun with creams, serums, and shots promising a younger, more polished facial appearance that everyone craves. But what if you could shave ten years or more off your appearance without expensive treatments or painful procedures? When you visit your dentist new york will show you how to get a youthful glow in under an hour, with results that can last indefinitely. For many people, it’s as simple as whitening your teeth.

More and more dentist clinics are offering a variety of tooth whitening options that are safe, simple, and surprisingly affordable. Because only a professional can provide you with the maximum percentage of whitening agent in a topical gel, it’s to your benefit to avoid over the counter whitening kits and consult the best dentist new york can provide, and get the facts.

Studies show that receiving a simple whitening procedure can lighten your teeth up to eight shades, which can produce an extraordinary difference. Whiter teeth brighten the entire visage, creating a more youthful glow when you smile. Also, the brighter your teeth, the closer the hue matches the whites of your eyes, instantly making your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Another benefit of using a dentist clinics whitening system, is to help hide imperfections and irregularities in teeth structure and alignment. This is true even for more pronounced irregularities caused by crooked, chipped, or overlapping teeth, even when these imperfections are front and center in your smile. The whiter your teeth, the straighter they look. And because straight teeth are considered healthier teeth, this aids in the perception of a younger, more balanced smile.

Whitening is considered safe and gentle enough on the tooth structure that almost anyone can get the procedure done. However, children under the age of sixteen will want to confer with a pediatrics dentist, as many professionals agree that it is best to undergo whitening only after the teeth have fully matured.

It is also wise to seek a dentist clinics professional opinion regarding whitening prior to receiving any restorative work. Only natural tooth enamel can whiten. Composite fillings and porcelain veneers are limited to the color that was chosen to match your existing shade upon placement. For this reason, many people will undergo whitening prior to receiving restorative work, especially for front teeth. It is easy enough for a dentist to determine your maximum whitening capacity, achieve that with an in-office visit, and match any future restorative work to your optimal hue.

Because whitening has escalated in popularity since 2000, there are even more options for whitening safely and effectively than ever before. Besides in office gel and laser treatments, there are also advanced take home options that have been developed in the past year, including enhanced whitening strips that are professionally dispensed, and thus have the 21 percent whitening bleach agent that only a dentist can prescribe. With better adhesive for more comfortable wear, and increased power for a shorter duration of treatment, this option has become especially attractive to many consumers, as the cost is usually under $30.00 per kit, and the effects are nearly instantaneous and very long lasting.

When it comes to making a change for a younger looking you this year, start with your smile! Your teeth and your wallet will thank you for the instant boost in confidence without breaking the bank.

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Taking the Fear out of Children’s Dentist Visits Starts at Home

From the day your child’s very first tooth sprouted, you have been strict about making a regular dental care routine part of his or her lifestyle. Even before they could chew solid foods, you have been reminding your children to brush and floss twice daily. But while effective children’s dental care begins at home, there will be the inevitable visit to the dentist. It’s up to you as parents to make your son’s or daughter’s experience at the dentist’s office enjoyable, or at least tolerable, in order to instill a lifelong pattern of regular oral care.

The twice daily brushing and flossing routine needs to be as habitual for the child as putting on clothes in the morning and pajamas at night. Both parents can contribute to healthy habit forming by being present, and occasionally engaging in the activity when possible. Instructing your children from an early age that brushing and flossing is part of the normal morning and bedtime routine ensures that they place an importance on the practice throughout their lifetimes.

As a rule of thumb, you should plan on scheduling your child’s first dentist visit around the age of 18 months or six to ten months after the first tooth comes in. Choosing a practitioner is a key decision that can affect your child’s impression for years to come if undertaken casually. Of course, you will want a specialty children’s dentist or at least one that provides care for the entire family. It’s wise to search through patient review websites to find out the experiences of other parents, and you can ask friends and family for recommendations.

In advance of the first visit, prepare your child by reading books and watching videos that are age appropriate and geared towards the experience. Continue with the brushing routine, and possibly massage the gums a few times a day to make the child feel at home with having someone examine their mouth. For older children who understand, discuss the upcoming visit in a positive light and mention a fun activity for after the appointment. If you can, make an appointment for yourself just prior to the child’s so that you can show him or her firsthand that there is no need to be afraid.

It’s not likely that there will be any real treatment taking place at this first visit, but the dentist will want to check his or her bite, note any signs of tooth decay and offer advice on proper nutrition. In most pediatric dentist practices, the parents will be present in the exam room with young children to make them feel more comfortable.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Make a Better First Impression as a Recent Graduate

So you’ve finally graduated. You’ve put in years of studying. Years of pulling all nighters, writing endless papers, and drinking more caffeine that Starbucks can provide. Now you have your degree, and you’re ready to become a contributing member of society with a grown up job.

Of course, getting a job is not so easy. The economy sucks. They are not hiring in your field. Or it seems as if there is always someone who is just a bit more qualified than you. Whatever the circumstances, landing the perfect first job is not a walk in the park.

This is why making a first impression is so important. When you walk into that interview you are instantly judged based on your outward appearance. Sure, your answers to the interview questions play a big part, but what the interviewers see is also very important.

Your smile is one of your most important features. It conveys friendliness, confidence, and competence. When you have a beautiful smile, people cannot help but smile back. You are much more likely to get your dream job if you smile, and you are much more likely to smile a lot if you know that your smile is absolutely beautiful. You can get the most beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry can help you make a much better first impression. Having a beautiful smile can help you to convey the confidence and poise that you will need to land a stellar job. A cosmetic dentist is an expert at making your smile the best that it can possibly be. A great dentist can use a variety of techniques to help to bring out the true beauty of your teeth.

The next time you are at the family dentist, check out cosmetic dentistry. It is time to take your smile seriously and make sure that the first impression that you give people is incredible.

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Simple Ways to combat Bad Breath

At some point in our lives, we’re all going to experience bad breath. Sure, we have all smelled it coming off of others, but the opposite is true, as well. The worst part of bad breath is that when we have it, we tend not to know until we catch an unpleasant look on the face of someone we are speaking to at close range. Any dentist office will tell you that bad breath is just a fact of life and that even those that take exquisite care of their teeth will get it from time to time.

There are, however, a few things you can do at home to prevent bad breath. Also known as halitosis, bad breath can be triggered by many things–from the foods we eat to how we take care of our teeth.

Perhaps the most common preventative measure you can take against bad breath is to brush your teeth and floss regularly. Any dentist clinic will tell you that great oral hygiene–bad breath included–starts with regular care of your teeth. When bad breath is concerned, also remember to give your tongue a good brushing as well. After all, that;s where a lot of the leftover debris and spices from food end up. Plaque can also get caught on the rough surface of the tongue, contributing to some of the most severe cases of halitosis.

Bad breath can also be thwarted by using an appropriate mouthwash. In terms of mouthwash and special toothpastes, try to select brands that have antibacterial properties. This not only kills your existing bad breath but helps to prevent it from returning. Some dentist offices may even recommend that you create a homemade solution of peroxide and water for killing off bacteria. However, don’t go this route unless it has been suggested by your dentist.

Another pretty obvious tactic is to avoid foods that are known to cause bad breath. Aside from obvious foods like onions and garlic, some people tend to forget that other popular foods can also cause bad breath. These include, but are not limited to: coffees, cabbage, certain cheeses, and milk.

One way you can also keep your chances of bad breath at a minimum is to drink a lot of water. A constant water intake keeps your mouth from getting dry; a dry mouth can lead to a buildup of bacteria, which is one of the leading causes of halitosis.

Naturally, the best method to make sure your mouth is well prepared to combat bad breath is to visit your dentist regularly. Even kids can benefit from this by visiting a pediatric dentist. Gum and mints will work for short term solutions, but only the proper care and advice from your local dentist office will truly work against bad breath.

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Dentists Visit Betters that Transition to Next Year

Really, this time of the year is advantageous for scheduling purposes as well as social ones. As already mentioned, putting off a visit to the dentist in one year transitions to the next, but at this time of the year a central focus is generally food. Maybe those brushing and flossing habits are pretty solid according to our own ideas, but how solid are they? Do you actually time your brushing period to assure yourself that you brush at least two minutes every time? That is the time recommended by most dentists, and an honest analysis in this regard may be revealing.

If you find that you don’t brush for the proper length of time every time, what else may be lacking? Have you ever thought about having a brief consult with your dentist about proper brushing methods? In the case that your brushing habits have not yet been optimized, all the more reason not to delay that deep cleaning that a professional can provide. When rich and foods are the center of the upcoming fun, it could make a great difference on maintaining those pearly whites for the enjoyment of future years.

Another great item to think about regarding the dentist this time of the year is cosmetic and corrective dentistry. Perhaps this time of the year is indeed very special for you. It could be that you plan on seeing friend and loved ones that you have not been in contact for some time or that special friend that you haven’t run across in a long time. That in mind, putting your best self forward may in fact be a priority. There are many simple procedures that can better your persona.

Teeth whitening is a procedure that can be simple to more complex. The cost is generally relative to the procedure and makes it a great option for a light touch that can have a lasting impact. Also, there are many other procedures that can solve issues with teeth that are in bad care or straighten any group of teeth. With so many options in cosmetic dentistry it is just a matter of choosing the procedure that will best suit your schedule and budget; in many cases, procedures can be done on a short schedule, and the professionals at East Harlem Dental Plaza can help.

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Proper Flossing: More Than Just Cavity Prevention

As a child, Mom told you to brush and floss your teeth in the morning and before going to bed. Now that you’re grown up, it can be difficult to remember to do both at night. After a long day at work, you may be exhausted and think that brushing will be enough as part of your nightly routine. But Mom always did know best, and any general dentist would agree with her advice.

Of course, we all know that food and liquids enter the body through the mouth. However, so does bacteria and germs that can cause anything from the common cold to more serious and deadly diseases. In the mouth, this bacteria lies on the surface of the teeth and accumulates; then it hardens to form plaque. Brushing at night gets rid of the bacteria that enters the mouth during the day. In the morning, it removes the germs that build up at night.

Still, brushing alone will not get rid of the bacteria in between teeth where bristles cannot reach. Over time, this bacteria will harden to form plaque in these hard to reach areas. Eventually, this plaque will cause cavities that need to be treated by your general dentist. Even worse, long term failure to treat plaque buildup will cause tooth decay throughout your mouth.

According to NYC dentists, there are other reasons that it’s important to brush – and floss – your teeth twice a day. Besides causing cavities, failure to properly remove plaque causes gingivitis. This disease is an inflammation of gums and the soft tissues surrounding your teeth. It can be very painful and involves bleeding from the sensitive spots. Plaque accumulation also causes halitosis, which is an ugly term for a very unattractive condition: bad breath. The bacteria and germs that form plaque have an unpleasant odor which is emitted from your mouth when you breathe and talk.

Plaque, if left alone to build up on the surface of teeth, will combine with saliva to cause tartar. This white film forms on a daily basis and makes teeth look unhealthy, dull and gray. Brushing slows accumulation down, and flossing reduces the formation in hard to reach spots in between teeth. However, you will still need to visit your general dentist regularly for more deep cleaning.

Beyond the damage that plaque building can cause in the mouth, NYC dentists stress that there are even more serious effects that can occur in the body. Brushing and flossing is important in the prevention of heart disease. As mentioned, plaque contains bacteria that forms on the surface of the teeth and in between. If left alone, this bacteria can make its way into the bloodstream through the gums and soft tissues in the mouth. The blood stream can carry these germs to the heart and increase the risk of diseases affecting your body’s pulmonary system.

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Keeping Teeth Healthy At Halloween Boo!

Halloween is a tradition that many kids not only look forward to, but are very enthusiastic about. Of course, they get excited about dressing up in the costumes, but more than anything the majority of them are very excited about all of the candy. This can be a touchy subject for dentists but with a few safety tips and suggestions from dentists in NYC, you can have a cavity free Halloween!

The fact of the matter is that Halloween and the week after are really not much worse than any other time of the year. The important thing to remember is to brush your teeth, not overdo the candy intake, and be responsible as a parent. Some tooth care tips from endodontics desntists include:

Parents Set the Rules: As a parent, you can do your part to regulate the amount of candy your child eats. There’s no need to be overly protective about it, but you also need to set reasonable expectations for your child.

Timing: Of course you don’t want your child to tear through a bag of candy in one night. But beyond that, you can also help decrease the risk of tooth decay by allowing your child to enjoy their Halloween candy with meals. The saliva your mouth produces while eating will help reduce the acids in the candy that cause decay.

Choose Candy Wisely: If it can be helped, try to make sure your child doesn’t get a lot of hard or sticky candy. Hard candies that must be sucked on remain in the mouth for extended periods of time, increasing the chance of cavities or other forms of tooth decay. Similarly, sticky candies cling to the teeth and can linger there for hours.

Reinforce Brushing Practices: Halloween is a actually a great time to remind your child of the importance of brushing. You can explain to them the harmful effects of sugar on the teeth and remind them how brushing helps keep their teeth healthy and free of sugar and other harmful chemicals.

Drinking Water: If your child is eating more candy than usual–as most do around this time of the year–have them drink fluoridated water, as it works to prevent tooth decay and cleans the mouth of harmful acids.

Keep all of these ideas in mind as your child happily looks through his Halloween loot. If you have any other questions about how to keep your child cavity-free this Halloween season, contact East Harlem Dental Plaza or other dentists NYC and get the inside scoop!

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Dentist Services Can Bring Back Your Smile

Oh no! You lost a tooth! Those darn things are supposed to last a lifetime, but sometimes we’re not so lucky. The good news is that modern technology and forward-thinking dental services can make all your teeth look and function just like the originals.

Whether accidental or intentional, the loss of a tooth has lifelong consequences. It’s not just a matter of looking a little goofy. The remaining teeth that surround the lost one are missing some of their supportive structure and may shift. Biting or chewing may be difficult or impossible. Speech may be affected. And, well, you’ll look a little goofy.

What do hockey rinks, playgrounds, and bars all have in common? They are all locations that have seen plenty of teeth come out of people’s heads. Those monkey bars can be brutal, as can the school bully. That same bully may just grow up to be the barroom brawler. Sometimes a hard blow to the mouth, whether from a fall, a collision, or a punch, can knock a tooth right out.

Maybe you lost a tooth through decay or disease. It’s so important to listen to the pain in your body, since that’s the signal of something wrong. Tooth pain needs to be addressed immediately by a dentist, since early detection of problems can save teeth. All that talk of brushing and flossing is true and can save you lots of pain and potentially lots of money.

Some people with lost teeth get dental bridges. A bridge is an artificial tooth that uses the surrounding teeth to support it. Sometimes the adjacent teeth are milled down, crowned, and the bridge is attached to the crowns. Alternatively, metal bands and cement are used to attach dental bridges to surrounding teeth. They are a semi-permanent denture.

Another, more permanent, option is a dental implant. An implant dentist places a titanium post into the jawbone to serve as a root for an artificial tooth. It may sound horrific, but it’s an option that is more permanent than a bridge. Since the jawbone around the post is stimulated during chewing, it actually stimulates new bone growth and the body naturally cements the post into the bone.

The one-time cost of implants is higher than the cost of a single bridge. However, most dental bridges will eventually need to be replaced, lasting only eight to fifteen years. So when you do a comparison, you need compare the one-time fee for implants to the cost of several bridges over time.

So don’t worry about the gap. You have your choice of dentist services to fix it. Whether you decide on a bridge or you call an implant dentist, be sure to keep a high standard of oral hygiene to avoid losing any more teeth. And try to avoid getting punched in the face.

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NYC Dentist and Other Doctors Agree: Oral Hygiene Plays Role in Overall Health

NYC dentist agrees with the American Academy of Periodontology and other dental professionals that the public needs to be informed and educated about studies that link oral inflammation and infections to problems elsewhere in the body. Research shows that there is a connection between periodontal disease and other chronic conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s.

A recent study found clear associations between bacteria infections of the mouth and pancreatic cancer. Dentists believe that treating periodontal inflammation – such as gingivitis or gum disease – can also help with the management of other conditions. Oral hygiene and maintaining oral health is critical to overall well-being.

The new study published in the journal, Gut, is revealing. Subjects with high antibody levels of the more infectious periodontal bacteria strains were at twice the risk for developing pancreatic cancer, which is responsible for 40,000 deaths a year in the United States. On the other hand, those with high levels of antibodies of some type of harmless oral bacteria had 45% less risk of getting pancreatic cancer.

If you suspect, or have been diagnosed, with an inflammatory condition, it is critical that you see both a general physician and a dental health professional, such as your NYC dentist. Signs of gum disease or gingivitis, include bleeding gums, mouth sores, swollen gums, and gums that are tender to the touch or have a shiny appearance. Sometimes the only way to find out if you have an infection is to have a thorough dental evaluation. An evaluation may be critically important if you have the following:

High risk for periodontal disease.
Have heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, or are thinking about getting pregnant.
Have a family member with periodontal disease (research suggests that the bacteria that causes periodontal disease can be passed through saliva).
Have a sore or irritation in the mouth that lasts longer than two weeks.

Dentists have known for a long time that there is a correlation between oral bacteria and systemic diseases. Although studies are still ongoing, the public needs to be educated on the issue in order to take preventive measures. Brushing and flossing regularly, eating a healthy diet, and visiting your NYC dentist on a regular basis is vital. Regular checkups, not only keep your mouth healthy, but can catch early signs of problems.

Not smoking is also a good preventive measure. Tobacco users are six times more likely to develop gum disease. They also have more serious gum disease that doesn’t respond to treatment and can lead to tooth loss.

Dentists agree – and the public needs to know – that an unhealthy mouth is linked to other serious diseases. Taking care of your teeth can keep the rest of the body healthy and vibrant. Preventive care is critical to maintaining healthy teeth and a healthy body.

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Kids Dentists – Getting Your Child Ready for the First Visit to the Dentist

While you may be dreading this trip, the best way to approach it is to keep saying to yourself that this is the best thing for your child. Kids’ dentists are compassionate; not only to the child but the parents as well – they know what you’ll be going through, and they and their staff members will do everything they can to make this experience as painless as possible.

Dentists for kids know that it is crucial you bring your child in as close to his or her first birthday as possible. The main reason is so that you can be completely informed in regard to your child’s oral health and spot any problems before they occur. Whether the child may need esthetic dentistry in the future or have a condition that could result in severe problems, it is important to know that up front so you can plan a course of action.

More than likely, your child will cause a commotion – it’s only natural. There is also a chance, however, your child will be completely accepting of his or her first kids dentists visit and will love the attention. Even if the worst case scenario becomes reality, just remember that it’s being done in your child’s best interests and is a great way to ensure your child’s dental health now and in the future.

Tips to Make Your Child’s Visit Go Smoothly
Following this advice can make a potentially difficult trip to the dentist a positive one:

Bring another adult with you – your spouse or someone else involved in the care of the child – so that you can speak comfortably with the dentist while the other adult keeps the child occupied.

If you have other children, leave them in the care of someone else if at all possible.

Bring a favorite toy, blanket or a snack. This will help to calm your child and make him or her realize the dentist’s office is a safe place.

Ask the dentist’s office to send all forms you will need to fill out. This will make the actual visit much easier because you won’t have to worry about trying to juggle a child with filling out paperwork.

By the time you leave the office, you will have a clear understanding of what you need to do to ensure your child’s excellent oral health for years to come. You’ll know what sort of follow up care your child may need – for example, whether or not he or she may need the services of an esthetic dentist in the future – and will tell you what to expect as your child develops and grows in the upcoming months. This is not something to dread; it is something that shows how committed you are to making sure your child is as healthy as possible.

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