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Dental cleaning:

Our family dentist office in East Harlem is committed to giving patients a whiter smile through various processes and procedures. The most common way that we provide this is through our teeth cleaning process.

Even if you have sensitive teeth, you can and should take advantage of this process to come out of our office with a whiter, healthier smile. Many assume that brushing your teeth on a regular basis counts for a sufficient teeth cleaning. While this is true, coming to our office on a routine basis will supply you with more information on how to effectively clean your teeth and keep up good eating habits. Itʼs also necessary to have a professional evaluate where you may be able to improve to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

Our Harlem dental hygienists remove soft plaque and tartar from below and above your gum lines on all teeth that a toothbrush cannot reach. This requires only one visit, and takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. We will provide you with tooth scaling, tooth polishing, and often times debridement if a large amount of tartar is built up.

Tooth scaling is the most basic form of professional teeth cleaning. Using a hand scaler, our dental hygienist removes the etiologic agents that can cause inflammation of the gums. After teeth scaling, teeth are virtually free of disease, making it a vital part of the cleaning process.

Tooth polishing smooths out the toothʼs surface. In order for plaque to accumulate, it needs a rough surface to latch on to. After polishing, plaque build up becomes less possible because the surface of the tooth has been smoothed out. Polishing is typically done with a prophy cup, which is a small motorized rubber cup attached to a polishing tool that breaks down excess tartar, plaque, and calculus. The dental hygienist will work the tool in the crevices of every tooth, creating a smooth and plaque-free smile.

Debridement removes tartar, plaque, and calculus from behind the lower teeth facing the tongue. This is often completed with an ultrasonic instrument, which breaks down the calculus, enabling it to be removed. Hand tools, such as a periodontal scaler and a curette may be used to ensure that all build up is eliminated from the surface and gum lines above and below the teeth.

Like most professionals, east Harlem dentists recommend this for both adults and children. Starting a routine teeth cleaning at a young age will instill good habits and the most healthy smile possible. The ideal time to have your teeth cleaned is every 6 months. More frequent cleaning may be required during treatment, orthodontic plans, or after the diagnosis of any other oral disorder.

The key to good oral hygiene is ultimately up to the patient. Between visits, it is vital to brush your teeth regularly and floss. This combined with a routine check up will prevent future cavities, plaque and calculus build- up, and diseases in your gums.

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