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Our dental office in Harlem provides dental extraction, or “exodontia.” This is simply the process of pulling teeth. The procedure “dental extraction” may sound intimidating, but we routinely provide this operation for patients in both a simple and surgical fashion.

Extraction may need to be performed for a variety of reasons such as tooth decay, wisdom tooth removal, cosmetic preferences, prosthetic fitting, and severe gum disease. Most of these are low-risk, simple procedures that our dentist clinics in Harlem perform on a regular basis.

The simple extractions are completed typically with forceps, as dentists rock them back and forth until the Periodontal ligament (tissues that are combined to form an active group of tissues that attach the tooth to the alveolar bone) is broken by the applying of pressure. However, some extractions are surgical, which are often conducted when a tooth cannot be easily accessed because they have either been broken under the gum line or the tooth has not erupted completely.

Because they almost always require an incision, surgical extractions are usually done using a general anesthetic.Our dentists first raise the soft tissue that covers the tooth and bone, and may also remove some of the overlying jawbone tissue with a drill. Splitting the tooth into multiple pieces is often required to make the extraction as smooth and timely as possible.

The recovery for all dental extractions is similar for both simple and surgical removal. After the procedure, a blood clot will form in the place where the tooth was removed within an hour. If your socket starts to bleed during this time, know that it is completely normal. The bleeding will typically have ceased after 24 hours. As far as where the incision is made or where the tooth is removed, this wound takes about 1 week to heal. The socket will fill up with soft tissue after a month or two, and the final bone remodeling takes up to six months.

At our Harlem dentist office, we desire to make patients aware of any complications that may be involved in extraction. They are few with this simple procedure, but keep in mind that swelling and dryness are expected with patients who have teeth removed. Our doctors may prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection if it seems necessary for certain patients. Be cautious of excessive bleeding, and if this does occur, a gauze compress will significantly reduce bleeding if done every few hours.

Commonly, any uncontrolled bleeding concludes after up to 8 hours. Bruising may also occur, but just like anywhere else on your body, this will heal with time. We evaluate each patientʼs situation to make the appropriate decisions to accommodate varying situations.

We also complete dental extraction as a preliminary step for orthodontic offices. Having teeth pulled makes space for orthodontic work to cosmetically enhance a patientʼs smile. Overall, extraction is a basic procedure that will help our patients in Harlem acquire a more beautiful, and more importantly, healthy smile.

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