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Invisalign is the perfect treatment for people who experience the curse of crooked teeth. This problem can cause a number of dental health issues. If teeth overlap, it can be difficult or impossible to floss properly. This can lead to a receding gum line as well as tooth decay. A misaligned bite can make it painful to open or close the jaw and can gradually cause damage to the muscles of the jaw. In addition to all of the health problems caused by crooked teeth, there is the simple fact that it is not attractive to sport a crooked smile.

It is a common sight to see children, adolescents, and even adults sporting braces on their teeth. These braces are often multi-colored. More and more colors become available every day as people try to make their braces fashionable or better looking.

Despite the many options available for colors, however, the truth is that braces are not the most fashionable of oral accessories. It is also true, however, that crooked teeth need to be straightened. This seemingly impossible problem is solved by Invisalign, a revolutionary teeth straightening product that corrects crooked teeth without the uncomfortable metal fittings that braces require.

Invisalign is a revolutionary, state of the art system for straightening teeth. The system works by implementing custom-made aligners that are molded for your teeth and only your teeth. The aligners are made from clear plastic that is virtually invisible. They fit over your teeth and gently shift your teeth into the proper position with each consecutive aligner. Your dentist or orthodontist plans the exact movements of your teeth and gradually shifts them into place with the aligners. The process is gentle and nearly invisible to the people around you.

Braces are uncomfortable, and they are not attractive. No one wants to wear braces. The metal can cause sores and makes eating very difficult and painful. This is where Invisalign comes in. Invisalign is a system for straightening teeth that does not involve metal or wires. In addition, it is removable and no one can tell that you are wearing the Invisalign aligners. These are some of the many benefits to the Invisalign System.

Do you want beautifully straight teeth without the discomfort of braces? Invisalign may be the solution you have been looking for. At East Harlem Dental Plaza of Harlem NYC, Invisalign is a popular cosmetic dentistry option. They offer a free initial consultation to help you decide if Invisalign is right for you. Their experienced cosmetic dentistry staff will carefully use the Invisalign system to straighten your teeth and leave you with the beautiful smile you have always wanted.

The best part of the Invisalign System is that your friends and family will be wondering how you were able to dramatically change your teeth without braces. They will have no idea that you are doing it because they will not be able to see it. The nearly invisible aligners will leave your teeth straight and beautiful without anyone being able to tell that you are in treatment.